KNR (August 28,1976 / Southern Oklahoma... )

No More Games!

So sick and tired of the game
excuses excuses, more I find to be lame
You want someone other than you to take the blame,
yet, you are so comfortable in walking
away unfinished in this game
Always ending in the same
Don't you have any shame!
No wonder you're jaded
~selfishly hated~
I refuse to allow you to play
victime this time
you won't make my heart a cruel crime!
Don't make me out to be the heartless one
If you loved me, you would be here with me!
Always finding a new lie to tell
I am no more under your defensless spell!
Don't come lookin', there won't be anything to find!
I've made up your retentive mind,
I don't want to cry for the
wrong reasons anymore,
you will never use me as
a meaningless score!
I raise up my hands,
for I'm through that's for sure!

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Comments (5)

There's a limit to what you can take. Sometimes ya just gotta let it fly! Great job, Kristin. I'll remember to use this next time I need to let somebody have it! Linda
Not a good day to be THAT guy.... lol Crush'em Kristen! ! You're awesome, girl! ! Love ya! Lee
Why don't ya open up a bit, Kris.& realy tell him what ya' think....geeeesh, what a pacifist i got as a poet-pal!! AWESOME WRITE POETESS K.! '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' FRANKSTER '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
well now I would say a texas twister has done hit ph........a strong write of emotion well stated in go girl..........................
Enough is enough is the words I hear... well done Sis, well taken stand!