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No More Hurt
TM (July 16 1968 / U.S.A)

No More Hurt

Brother what is it that you want from me?
I let you into my life and you want to control me
I then became your wife and you chose to deceive me
I showed you love and you gave back hate
You wanted to reconcile, but by then I knew it was too late
I stroked your back and in turn you struck me
I watched you sleep and you made me weep
I told you that you were my one and only, and you claimed to have many
I am twenty eight now but I have been loving you since I was twenty
You said love dont love nobody, but I say love has always loved me, and as a strong and wise BLACK woman who loves and respect herself I can no longer allow you to hurt me.
You now want to display your sorrow, but with you I no longer see tomorrow.
Yesterday I loved you
Today I tolerated you
Tomorrow I will leave you and when I leave, I'll leave with no regrets or guilt, knowing that I always loved you but from you love I never felt. I came in strong and left out stronger, walking with my head up high, finally realizing that you did not deserve a WOMAN like me.
I was your backbone, now my abscence will leave you spineless.
You see baby, the strenght that you had, came from my willingness to portray being weak.

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