(September 11,1987 / Long Beach, California)

No More Nevers

The silence deafens my ears till they ring
Say something. Say joking! Say anything!
Picking at slashes so they never heal.
Your lies are to often too familiar to feel.
You turn me away just to run and hide-
Just to sever the binds that never stay tied.
Can this thing you bring me ever be joy?
I’m the neglected play thing of a little boy!
If I told you 'No' would you finally stay?
The more I am there the more you’re away.
From happy to anger. From anger to sad.
Love must be blind, cause for you I had-
More then a moment of more then one doubt.
More then just dreams to be dreaming about.
More then just memories of more then one day-
Of more then one time when you’ve hurt me this way.
Of more then one time of supporting endeavors.
That it hurts me to say there’ll be no more “NEVERS.”
It’s easy to play the hero when you’re turning to run.
To say it’s the end before it’s begun.
You’re good at that baby and maybe someday-
I can say “NEVER” before walking away.
You “Have my back? ” Boy, please!
Your lies can bring a once strong girl to her knees!
You are so unsure? What you lying about-
When even your kisses are filled with your doubt!
Don’t ask for forgiveness ‘cause baby I’ve tried-
To be not hurt by crying the tears that I’ve cried.
And the worst of the worst is I’m still by your side!
I’ll be the one waiting when you’ve got no where to hide!
I’ll be the one standing there when light turns to black-
‘Cause though you always hurt, Boy, I still got you back.
But maybe the times come to say kiss “us” away-
‘Cause you’ll NEVER get over having me this way!
Baby never say NEVER ’cause baby someday-
You’ll wish that you NEVER gave this away!

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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