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No More Of This!

I will have no more
no more of this blindfold
you wrap around your own eyes
and constantly try to cover mine too!
My eyes are not for cover
A good many boys have described their beauty
with adjectives, you may have never heard
Or read, with your limited expressions of love
For you, love is an abstract noun
To me, it is a passionate verb
Reverberating back and forth the hollow chambers
that once used to be my heart
But now is an attic of sorts
I will have no more, do you hear?
Of your nightly visits
Pushing into places you do not deserve
Repeating my name as if it mattered to you
Like you chant your God's name
a hundred and one times
while you think other things
Your mind is a filthy place
I am done trying to push into it...
Its loose, Oh wait! Isn't that what you say about my vagina!
So hear it now, from my clitoris
from my lips
from my eyes
and from every cell that abhors you in me
I prefer society's verbal fornication
to you!

by Oindrila Kar

Comments (1)

For you, love is an abstract noun/To me, it is a passionate verb..fascinating expression! ! Liked your poem...10