No More Rebel Songs

No more rebel songs my boys
Put down yer pipes and weep
No more songs of heroes past
The fines will be too steep!
No more of yer folk songs, boys
No songs of battle, nor of war
No songs of Victor nor of Vanquished
No, sing those songs no more!

No more plays of love and loss
Clear the actors from the stage
For Bianca was a Jezebel
and Juliet was not of age!
Romeo should be arrested
Othello is a racist tale
Ban the Bard and burn the scripts
Unless you want your child to fail?

No more books from times long past
Lest the Femi-nazis hear
Dickens may have saved the poor
But his heroines had no career.
No more Austen, too much marriage
No more Lawrence, he mentions class
Lay down your novels, with a sigh
Great thought is gone, the law’s an ass.

You think I jest, I beg your pardon!
Rebel songs and jokes are banned
Plays and tunes of warlike glory
All these things have just been canned
Soon the books and films follow
What next will make the fall from grace?
So enjoy it while you can!
Before the past is laid to waste.

by Geraldine Moorkens Byrne

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I love this (the last stanza in paticular) And oh so true Ian