No More Rhondda Gold.

No more Rhondda Gold.

We remember the men with blackened faces,
When we look back into the times of old,
When they mined tons of coal from the ground,
Which they called Rhondda Gold.

In the eighties this all changed,
Because the Union members were so strong,
But no matter what they wanted,
The government wanted them gone.

The miners went on strike for what they believed,
And Thatcher wouldn't turn around,
Because she had already made the decision,
Not to let them go back underground.

For the Welsh this was a drastic decision,
Because there would be no more coal,
And so many of the older miners here,
Would simply end up on the dole.

Now all the pitheads have long gone,
After the closing of the local pit gates,
And now thirty years on,
Many areas are industrial estates.

The local mines brought their own communities,
And friendships which would always last,
No more Rhondda Gold coal mined today,
We will leave that in the past.

Written by David Boyce
31 July 2017

by David Boyce

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