KD (October 15,1991 / )

No More Suicide

I've finally decided your no longer worth it,
My life is so much more than just you,
The people in it, I'm lucky to have,
Your way of living is killing me inside,
I won't take it much longer I promise you that,
I'm tired of always being in the backseat,
But my life isn't worth taking over this pety bullshit,
I'm gonna live my life to the fullest, and enjoy everyday,
With my family and friends that surround me with love,
My life isn't yours for the taking anymore,
It's mine and I'm gonna take it,
And make something of it,
You made me loose the one thing in life I wanted,
But I'm over it now, It's too late for you to change my mind,
And it always will be now, Too bad for you,
I'm not the same shy little scared girl I was before,
Now I will stand up and say Goodbye one more time,
Cause it's the last you'll see of me, I'm not yours,
To control anymore, Im my own person, and
I'll never be yours again,
Death won't solve my problems, leaving you will.

by Kayla Duf

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I love your 'independence'! ! ! ! I love your determination! ! ! You see? You are now taking your life and making something of it...You are your own person! What an increditble gift you've given yourself! Hugs, Cathy