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No More Tears!
DD (6-18-1961 / Gary, Indiana)

No More Tears!

Year after year you’ve been holding on with everything you’ve got
You had some good times and triumphs, but downfalls and disappointments seemed to happen a lot
For each new year that came you said you were going to get closer to the Lord
But, so many obstacles came your way you got buried in your tears as they poured
You said you’d spend more time studying God’s word and in worship and praise
You started off that way, but it just fizzled out after a while as life seemed to get crazed
Each year started out with a new sense of hope, just knowing that times were gonna change for the good
Then your faith began to waiver because things didn’t turn out the way you thought they should
It seemed like every time you turned around the wails of your eyes would fill up hot water
Of tears built up from the years of circumstances, situations and events that made you holler
They would sting your face as they ran down the sides and under your chin down to your neck
You’d wake up in the morning time with your eyes and lips swollen and looking a wreck
Even though you had a good night’s sleep you still woke up tired, but not because you didn’t rest
It just seems like you’re in a everlasting season of setbacks and in the midst of a perpetual test
Well, it’s about time to dry your weeping eyes because the time you’ve been waiting for is here
You can rejoice and get your praise on because your victory is now, not just near
Jesus came that you might have life and that you would have it more abundantly right here on earth
This was planned in the beginning of time, before your mother ever conceived or gave birth
It’s not counting your chickens before they hatch when you are walking by faith
That is the only way you can please God ‘cause He is not moved by tears running down your face
What you do now is all up to you because you don’t have to cry anymore
All of the dreams that seemed unattainable are now available ‘cause God has opened up doors
Don’t look back, leave the old stuff behind and receive what’s been stored up for years
You may have cried your eyes out before, but the Rhema word for you is No More Tears!

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Rudyard Kipling


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