No More Than Craftsmen

We are no more than craftsmen,
Our materials exist before us,
The word, the thought, the dream
We are those who sew up at the seems
All that lay before them in an aspiration
Towards a harmony that may touch the souls of all.
The words exist, all we may do is re arrange them
And through our ends we may help one another
Though never knowing by offering the soul uneasy
A chance to reflect upon the pains and joys of others,
This life, this life so strange hath changed my soul
Yet within the circle I remain, casting shadows towards
The elemental poles. What a fool I must seem,
Yet within the dream I remain growing uneasy at the thought
Of confronting the reality I so long ago left behind.
Here I am surrounded by joy; here I am surrounded by the beauty of all
Yet to fall and to call upon the demons of my insecurity is to easy
And for this reason I rest my pen upon the page, I flit my fingers across the board
Yet through sharing and never hording the emotion I feel
I have created an ocean within which my soul may drown.
Don’t leave me here, shifting upon he waves and never rising
To ride the crest till it hits the shoreline.
Open up the door for me, I shall not be scared when
Offered the keys to the kingdom of shades
For the Lord of the Dead hath gone before us all
He who has died to know the cry of the soul eternal,
Yet within the one we remain and just as he is lord of death
So is he lord of the freshest breathe a man may breathe within the valley green.
Just as he is lord of the dead so is he lord of the highest sphere
Just as he is the lord of fear so he is the lord of joyful tears,
Yet not only this for he is she who allows us life upon her surface,
Just as he is she who kisses us with moonlight radiance.
Kiss the soul of unawareness; make him shiver by your touch
And know that all that it is you should call upon lies within yourself,
Your hand controls the land of your undressing, just as you may make the day
Just as you may bless the day in your caress. Ride the wave,
Savour all that is good in life just as you savour and appreciate that
All must be in balance within itself. Equilibrium, Harmony, Balance,
This is the way of the highest dance, have faith within yourself if nothing more
Have faith that you alone may open up the doors of unknowing,
Accept nature as your God if nothing more for is not nature all in all,
Is not nature what we are as well as what surrounds us, thus is the secret of unity,
That we each live upon the life of another, as one we are, throughout eternity.

by David Lacey

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