No More Time To Digest

You can stretch.
Without losing breath.
To do it from 9 to 5.
And from doing it still survive.
Let yourself stretch.
Find time to do it.
To both your body and mind.
Decide it is nonsense.
You will leave behind.

What life is lived laying around.
Or sitting down.
Creating imprints on couch.
Or a chair.
From sunrise to sunset.
As if on a mission going nowhere.

Get up and stretch.
Commit to removing limits.
Do something different.
Other than routine to permit.

You can stretch.
Devoting to do.
For both your body and mind.
And you just might find,
Routines committed to permit them done.
Is nothing like witnessing the sunrise.
Or observing it to set.
While out in the fresh air.
And meeting someone new.
Enjoying something different.
Just days before,
You wouldn't choose this to do.
If you had not stretched.
Giving your complaints,
No more time to digest.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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