No Need For That Anymore

I am not.
But I will admit,
Being pushed to the limit...
By those who test,
The loyalty of others.

And I can be cruel,
When mistaken to be a traitor!

I do not even grin broadly,
When there is someone I know...
Had known...
That use to brag,
About their worldly possessions.
Only to discover...
The world to be in a repossessive mood.

But there does seem to be,
Less people today...
Loudly expressing their assessments.
And fewer still,
Eagerly willing to flaunt themselves...
To address the 'have nots',
With their snob skills!

And those tours buses...
The ones that use to maneuver through,
Inner city neighbors...
On the weekends?
Appear to have vanished for good.

I have never been sadistic.
Realistic and telling it like it is?
From observation?
Had been done with a pride.

There seems to be no need for that anymore.
I've learned to be proud,
And not find it a necessity to be shown.

I know it.
And don't have to show it.
Nor clap my hands!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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