No Need To Answer

If you have not walked in my shoes...
Cried with my eyes.
Suffered disrespect,
Or hid a feeling
No one would understand if shown.
You have no comments to make.
Or could you ever recreate my journey!
You may try.
But my path was not without obstacles,
You may fantasize as an easy walk...
Believed paved.
If you have not walked in my shoes...
I'm sure the heat of the streets,
Will not provide you with the comfort
You perceive your feet would find!
See those valleys and mountains behind me?
Through them I had to climb!
After crawling through thorns,
Of clawing emotions to remove to get there!
Do you think how you feel,
Stays on my mind?
No need to answer!
It doesn't.
Nor does your critique,
Of how I managed to beat the odds.
Your opinions of my life...
Are not valued!
I have already deemed my experiences,
As mine and priceless!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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