No Need To Cast Woeful Eyes

No need to cast woeful eyes,
For some to see.
Decisive steps you took and tested!

An investment of regret you get!
While taking a bet...
Against advice given.
Yet disrespected!

And now an empathy you expect?
There is no one left...
With sympathy to offer,
From an unspoken request.
You may be hoping some feel,
And comes next!

Some lessons are better self taught,
Than shared.
Like an experience one may have,
To leave others spared.

No one should be expected,
To protect another from a fate!
Mistakes some make may bring to them heartache.
But those chances you took,
Brought disgust to others.
Those who now care less...
About your expressed unhappiness.

Take these tissues and dry your issues.
Clear your eyes and rise from your butt!
That is the only suggestion,
To you I can give up!

Like the others you strutted pass with your druthers...
None of us,
Are into pity parties and weep fest that touch!
Celebrate this one by yourself.
Because the rest of us you distrusted...
Have seen that act from you too much!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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