(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No Need To Flatter Yourself

No need to flatter yourself.
By declaring your lack of facts...
About a life I've had to live.
None of it had been based on gossip.
Nor was any part of your life,
Offered to me in trade to give.
And yet you embellish,
My experiences with relish!
But not one tear of mine that was shed...
Came from your heart!
Or your empty head!
But I must admit the attention you have given...
Has increased an interest I could not pay for.
If I could afford that service,
From a public relations firm instead!
By all means,
Continue your activities!
At least I don't have to worry about publicity.
Or issue you any consultant fees,
For something you do for me absolutely free!

But I do suggest...
You should get your rest.
I will be making plans,
To boost and extend my campaign!
And I do not wish your lips to be numbed.

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Pertillarology at its best. do continue poetically. take care.