(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No Need To Seek Reasons

I am indeed,
One to be believed.
Since fresh I keep my responses.
With no need to seek reasons,
To rehearse a delivery pre-meditated.
In a procrastination hesitated to fake.

I am indeed,
Someone who has been freed...
From a diluting of a truth to delude,
That others offended may refuse to accept.
To keep their delusions protected.
I greeted disappointments and met regrets.

I am indeed,
A product of reality enforced upon me.
With a facing of my own obstacles,
From which I could not flee.
And although I carried upon my back fears...
Only I experienced that anguish to rid and forgive.

I am indeed,
Blessed to openly confess my faith.
When on my knees I felt no other escape.
I am indeed one to believe as a witness to say,
Believe in yourself...
And the results will eventually come your way.

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