No News Is The Best

No news is the best

They tell me, and I read: “Knock the door, shall open.”
Can I now knock at yours?
All I want is a gun, only once to kill me, be relieved
From pain and the shame “Be a man.”

Can you please open door?
I suffer; it is deadly, badly cold
Absent hearts
See no mind, see no care and no love
Globalized is ego, selfishness and abuse.

Where is man?
What was it that we heard?
What was that?
Is it dead?
Never was?
Were we fooled?
They told me I was one.
Did they lie?
Am I one?

Which part of the space do I belong?
Galaxies are many and endless.
They tell me: “the end looks ear-like.”
I am told: “stars die and are sucked.”

“And after? ” I question.
Same reply as it was years ago, mythical.

Will you please open door, lend me gun and take it right after?
Just a shot and you wash my blood or use it to grow a red rose.

I will write:
“I am thankful…no blame to lender.”

Open door if you are Christian; Jesus said:
“Knock the door, shall open.”
You hear; I am at door and knocking?
I am in need, desperate to end my being man.
Best to rid of the shame; I must go.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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