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No, No, A Million No! By: Majed Dodeen

No, No, a Million No! By: Majed Dodeen
'It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness'.

At the entrance of one of the doors
I handed my ticket
I entered the satirical stage of life
Night had already drawn its curtains and faded away
As soon as dawn has broken
The sun has risen
The curtain went up
I saw unfolded hands with different shapes
Books with scattered ideas
A weird and an unusual painting
A little angelic girl appeared on the stage
The essence of innocence shines in her eyes
Wonderful symphony accompanying her footsteps
Scars and wounds seen on her forehead
A love rose in her hand
A spiritual logo on her chest
Laurel wreath sparkling around her nick

The marriage officiant has arrived
I do hear rounds of audience applause
Quietly, the wedding ceremony got launched
the angelic queen was given to the tyranny
Offered on a golden plate and made as an easy prey
They want her to sleep between the arms of a thinker named Satan

Witnessing this disastrous tragedy
I started laughing hysterically, sometimes
And crying extraordinarily at others
I heard her whispering with her usual innocence
You cry! ! ! What is the benefit of crying? !
You laugh! ! ! Will laughing heal you?

O My angel, I am laughing at myself
And at the same time crying for you
You are a shining candle in my dark cave
A throb in my loving heart
A unique image in my eyes
A true voice and honest cry& call in my conscience
A genuine smile on my lips
We were inseparable twins
We were innocent children
We have never thought to part away;
not even for few steps
Tyranny came to create between us impossible distances
I started living a world full of bitterness
Even the strings of my lute got broken
I became a ghost standing without a place
I became the human being who asks: Who is man?
I started cursing the color of darkness

My angel said:
' I made you reside deep in my heart
As the sky populates its stars
I embraced you between my arms
As the sea embraces its waves
I've carved your name a tattoo on my forehead
As destiny engraved a grain of rain in the heart of a cloud.

I replied:
' But I am a star that got darkened
A wave that got broken
A grain of rain that got evaporated'.

My angel said:
'No, no, a million no!
You are a star that will never get darkened
A wave that will never get broken
A drop of rain that will never get evaporated;
And I am the sky, the sea and the cloud;
I am the candle
Lit, bright and light me with love
Dispel and dismiss the darkness
Ignite me with love
as it is better for you
than living your entire life
cursing the color of darkness

by Majed Dodeen

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