(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No, No One Wins

No one wins.
When the battle is within them.
No one wins.
When there's an opposition fought,
Without a thought to have it sought.
No, no one wins.
With a preserving of self interest.
No one wins.
To have an ego wished it served.
And positioned not to listen.
Although kept urgent is a purging,
That defends their every whim.
No no one wins.
To have it their way not to budge.
And no one wins.
While dragging others through the mud.
Others who are innocent.
Made victims less discussed.
No, no one wins.
To have it their way not to budge.
No, no one wins.
When a mud thrown turns to sludge.
And everyone that's near it,
Is smeared to suffer on...
A doing to prolong,
A child with a whim to win...
That will not soon end.

It's ridiculous."

Don't say that too loudly.
It's becoming obvious,
One is enjoying the agony.
On others to inflict it.-

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