NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

No Not Another Bubble Test For Me!

Not too long ago in our not so distant past, There existed something we worshiped, something that seemed to last, Everyone seemed to have it,

It wasn't just for the coveted few! People were ecstatic and teachers got their do!

You see the thing we worshiped then was knowledge, And we knew if was fleeting!

However, little did we know that this entire process does today appear to have disappeared or at least sleeping.

Learning is a process, complicated at best. Please! Oh please, President Bush give those standardized tests a rest!

Learning to test, is not learning at it's best! Instead 70% of the time is not devoted to the rest!

With this process in place, we can be happy that Every 12th grade student will have to make it snappy.

You see believe it or not, it appears that the more we test,

All we have done is turned our students into better test takers and we have robbed them of an education.

Therefore, as you can plainly see, all we have done with of millions of bucks has turned a few heads and paid for some rich guy's truck

Education has suffered, students the most Learning is not centered on learning rather it is centered on the bubble.

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