No One

No one is home,
No one is there,
I am not here just a mere ghost,
A ghost and a memory that needs to fade away,
I was the one to cry,
I was the one to try,
I was the one to sleep at night to think how much I caused trouble,
I need to think and rethink what I have done,
I need to run and hide from the past, from the flash backs,
I don’t need an excuse to run away from this pain I feel,
I know what I feel,
What I feel won’t go away,
No one is here to help me,
No one knows what I feel,
No one will ever know how much I hate this world and want to die or crawl into a hole and never come out,
No one will ever understand me,
I know no one will ever care like you did.

by Jennifer Rondeau

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this is one of the poems i like best its like youve taken my feelings, like you knew my life and wrote this poem... i love it