VA (Feburary 14th / Dallas)

No One

Would anyone miss me?
Why am I here?
I have no purpose.
No one cares.

The scars on my heart,
all those heartaches.
They've torn me apart.
Limb by limb.

Would anyone notice?
Another teen just died?
But the special thing is...
I died from the inside.

I sit here and rot away.
No one noticed.
that I am not here today.

Bleeding and bleeding.
Desperate and alone.
Screaming and screaming.
No one is home.

No one
No one cares or gives it a thought.
No one,
is there.
No one.
Is there.

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Comments (1)

I'm here...don't know if this is a self portrait or a commentary...if it's a self portrait...all things pass, i suppose. Just takes some time....sometimes it's just an instant!