No One Can...

Poem By Iris Mista

No one can, but I am, I am
Change my heart, turn around
Stop the death bells sound
Insinuatingly calling over the swamp

No longer what is so painfully there
Step on solid higher ground
Where pure sounds can be found
Did I hear these ever before?

Do I believe it knows my name
After floating the sheerest dark
The call of loneliness ever so stark
And the swamp, it became mine

Hidden where no one ever comes
looking for the falseness of security
To where hurt will never dare to flee
But then the pain, it all became me

It is sucking me in, oh so firmly deep
Sinking further with each trying step
Hearing the eternal echo's, every slap
Dead sounds from an ever dying past

Bring clear music to my longing ears
The unheard, it can never be shown
I will never hear what is unknown
The sounds of a life I've never had

What is impossible, it can not be
It is all a fluid dream, not ever for real
The painful longing to stop my ordeal
Music, not death bells, calling my name

Forever in the void, whisperings of hope
The everlasting end of every sound
For grounds, not there, can not be found
Death bells of the past, they know my name

October 7,2013

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