(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No One Can Please 'everybody'

Why is it,
Those who have no clue...
As to what they do.
Seem to be the ones,
Overwhelmed with support.
And permission given to them done.
To then expose their incompetence shown.
Revealing to many what has been known.
Leaving them subjected to criticism.
From those who express remorse and regret.
Continue they do,
To argue over and accept...
What it is repeatedly to them they get.
While those who are confident and competent,
Are ignored and left to be disrespected.

"That goes to prove,
No one can please 'everybody'."

I agree.
And that is true.
'Everybody' can not be that stupid.
That's impossible.

Nothing is impossible.
Even stupidity has its way,
Of having that displayed...
As a fact to witness.
To make that absolutely clear.
With no need to debate it."

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