(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No One Caring Enough To Carry Them On

There is a collective mindset.
An impression that rules with a limitedness.
It develops a pattern,
That implants an understanding...
'Nothing soon is going to change! '

And it doesn't.

The worse of it is celebrated!
In nostalgic updates redefined...
To ensure tired traditions are given a makeover,
In parades and community block dances.

The golden oldies.
Celebrated by the molding fogeys.

They clutch onto their memories...
Hoping time does not thaw them from the freeze,
They relive constantly!

These are small town activities!

While their children ignore them reminiscing...
They speak of their own childhoods,
As if wished they were there...ALIVE!
To leave themselves successfully unaccountable.
And that they have done...
To teach their children well!
From generation to generation.
Until a comprehension of values,
And the intention for them...
Are gone!

There is no one caring enough to carry them on!

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