No One Has It All

So scorching the sun,
So acerbic the climate,
The bowel is empty and barking,
Quite hard I strive but just little returns.
All nights sleepless or just a tormentuos turn-turn.
Sweating all day, just to move the jaw.
Singing to my ears the invidious song of malaria,
Perching to effect plasmodium transmission,
These cursed flies that do man no good keep doing.
When it is dawn, I dare not pray for dusk,
Aware of the ill-treat I will receive when I should rest.
When it's dusk, I pray it never rains,
Cognizant of my open air hovel.
Rain drops do cause a flu.
Quite impecunious I am for anti-cold
I meet iron steels of rejection when I beg for a squat.
Hemp is the barbiturate when this bitter thoughts, my senses over-cloud.
While the day quite hot gets,
Every walker in profusion perspirating.
I am not alone in this plight!
Even they whom we think to be affluent,
Even they, are impoverished in some way.
All are struggling!
Even those we see as gods because of power
Even they are wretched in some way,
Every human is but a struggler.
Those who smile and you think they shine,
Though, mosquitoes may not pester them,
cockroaches crawl in their hearts.
Though their mansions may wear long-span roofing,
Their inner shelter may leak and reek.
No one has it all in this world,
No excuse is reasonable enough for failure,
No one is a natural success,
Every one works to become what he wants to become.
No one is beyond the hard bites of life,
There is no excuse for that abuse,
Everyone can eschew these misdemeanors.
For homes break,
Businesses fail and loved ones die,
But we must not resort to irrationalities,
We must keep struggling,
For our struggle only ends when we end,
When we all get equal in one place-
Below the earth!

by Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

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