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Going Alone
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Going Alone

Poem By mohammed jafer

I am sharing what I have.
I do not own it.
Even if I did...
And should stop paying taxes,
To feed the greed of leechers.
It would be taken away!
Or foreclosed...
To soften the interpretation,
Of legalized thief!

I am sharing what I have with you.
I do not own it.
I never claimed I did!
And once I share this with you...
You own it too!
It is between our ears.
And no one hears or understands it,
The way we do!

And the process of collective thought...
Chills and frightens the demon,
Now finding ways to stop it!
So disconnected are their souls.
So detached are they from true feeling!
But they will come to claim their pain!
Since that will be the only thing left...
They can indentify to the inflictions,
Implemented with delight...
They came to know!

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