No One Here...

How could it come to this,
how could it be so bad,
will everyone be broken,
will everyone be sad?

My mother didn't know it,
my father couldn't guess,
my friends had a fair idea,
my girlfriend had the best.

My life was spent on others,
I gave it all away,
I never had time for myself,
and I'm the one who'll pay.

And now I bleed from my wrist,
and no one even knows,
I just wish someone was here,
so it wouldn't be so slow.

I feel my life draw to an end,
I try to call your name,
all I hear is the wind blow by,
no one ever came.

I am so very lonely,
my hands begin to shake,
I wonder if my life,
was really mine to take.

by Hemi Charles Ruatoto

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Comments (2)

Our lifes belong to us and our families. How sad they would be if we left in such a way.Very sad. Patricia
i like this as you and me are alike it worth staying alive for what could happen not what as