No One Is Good, No Not One

The Bible is very clear my friend that no one is good, no not one,
That is why The Lord Almighty sent to earth His One and Only Son.

For through only one man sin had entered into God's perfect earth,
And to all mankind sin has been passed down through natural birth.

God had created man in a perfect world to have fellowship with him,
However, that fellowship was broken when Adam chose instead to sin.

The Word says all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God,
This sin is found in all the earth, wherever man has chose to trod.

But all this sin has a cost my friend for the wages of sin is death,
This death is Eternal my friend, going on beyond your final breath.

However, God still desires fellowship with all who live on the earth,
But, to enjoy this fellowship one must spiritually have a new birth.

In order to restore this fellowship, God had paid the ultimate cost,
For He sent His only Son, to seek and save all those who were lost.

And God prepared a body for His Son, who is The Lord Jesus Christ,
For a bloody death on a cross in our place as the ultimate sacrifice.

Unlike the garden when God covered man's nakedness with animal skins,
Christ's shed blood for all Believers totally removes all their sins.

With arms opened wide on a tree He made Salvation for all to receive,
And fellowship is restored to all, who in their heart truly believe.

(Copyright © 04/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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