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No One Knows
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

No One Knows


No one knows the pain that she goes through.
Everyday she hopes the pain will just disappear.
She prays that everything will be ok. No one knows
all the tears that she cries. Everybody treats her like
a person but they don't know how she really feels. She
writes suicide letters to herself and hides them. So no one
will find them. She regrets the way that she treated her parents. She lies in bed thinking, where did I go wrong?
Why was I so mean to them? Now that there gone she
regrets everyday of her life. No one knows exactly what she did
to her parents, but they know she treated them really bad. She
would sneak out at night and do different things. She only wishes that no one will ever know how she treated them. No one knows that late in bed she cries a million tears that cries her to sleep.

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wow that is so me that girl is me! ! ! ! I do some of that... really I do. Becca