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No One Makes Her Cry

Why can no one see her cry
Hurting because everything he said was a lie
She is about to give up one everything she believes
Feeling like everyone she loved just leaves
She feels that no one can see her for no one will understand
Its ok i’m here, grab my hand
Ill show you how to make him think your okay
I know how much you need him to stay
But he left but is it really better?
Are you really better off not to see him while you try to move on
Will the love for him ever really be gone?
She really needs you but you don’t know what I mean
Its like you have something that you need to redeem
don’t fight with her for then you fight me
Me defending her isn’t something you would want to see
You hurt her and she still cares
Trying to mend the bleeding tares
She has cried night after night
You let her fall from a tremendous height
Stop acting like she will always wait
I know for sure that wont be her fate
This has to stop and I will be here
don’t ever again make her tear! !

by Michelle Guza

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