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No One Should Fear Failure
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No One Should Fear Failure

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

No one lives without making a few mistakes.
And no one lives everyday to like everything tasted.
A tasting of making mistakes happens.
It is part of the process we have come to call 'life'.
A learning from mistakes not to taste over,
And over again begins to have them recognized.
With them to stop occurs.
Reaching to achieve success depends upon acceptance.
Although failure to accept...takes a different approach!

No one should fear failure. However...
No one should become accustomed to doing it either.
Especially when done it becomes defended!
There are many who fearlessly defend their failures.
And do it to believe others should accept it too. Do you?
Some people can become so offended,
When told they can do much better than they have done...
One can feel the heat of their resentment.
Campaigns to character assassinate someone begins!
And we all have come in contact with people like that.

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yes, it's a truth. we should not fear of failure. some interesting realities you have jotted down. nice write. keep writing.