Feeble And Freak

Today I am feeling lonely
Lonely like a stork in the pond
My limbs are feeling weak
Like before I am not a vagabond

I have already lost eye sight
Mind has gone weak and feeble
I have been sitting in the cot
To walk few paces I have trouble

I have lost taste of foods
Most of the time I remain hungry
Ticking of clock is irritating for me
Sound of birds makes me angry

Why I am feeling old and weak
Why I am acting like a freak
I have lost interest in this world
Wars and blood are making me sick

Sitting here in my dark room
I am waiting for the light outside
Light of lasting peace and love that
Will give me a life of honor and pride

by Tiku akp

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after reading this poem i thought, we all been thier and will continue to play a part untill we die, after all some one has to show up.