No Other Love

I awake each morning
Feeling tired and blue
After spending the entir night
just thinking of you

Not 100 men, nor 100 years
could ever fill thisheart
with fear

With thoughts of ever leaving you
without your love,
what would I do? ,

Only you inspire me to see,
All that remains to see,
of lifes beauty,

The frarient flowers,
The sensitive fawn,
The majestic lion,
As he sits & yawns

A breezy evening
Setting sails for two
Awenkening my spirits
To mornings glistening dew,

Filling my overflowing heart
to the brim,
Fate has already decided
for me, it's him

I shall wait &love you forever
more or until my lifeless
body, Breathes no more.

by Erika Arnold

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