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Father's Voice
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Father's Voice

Poem By Anne Yun

I have forgiven you.
I have!
There is no resentment,
Stirring within me that brews!
Although the images remain
As impressions on my mind!
But I don't find the time,
To relive them
Like I use to do!
I have forgiven you.
I have!
And all the things you did...
To make my life a living hell
When I was a kid!
And the tears I shed,
When I felt then
That I was better off dead!
When I had no bed of my own.
And you could care less...
About the mess you left us in!
I have forgiven you,
I have!
But what I had to learn,
Was to forgive myself
For the burning inside of hatred I carried!
I buried my emotions in my chest!
Now released.
My mind is now in completed peacefulness!
I have forgiven you,
I have!
I had to.
Resentment is something 'you' lived with!
I have no place for it at all!
You taught me not to want it around!
And to leave it,
Wherever it was noticed, recognized and found!
I have forgiven you.
I have!
Don't let that ever be your concern!
There is much more worth to my life,
God has kept me here on this Earth yearning!
I have forgiven you.
I have!
If I had not...
You would not be left,
With that thought to wonder!

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