WC (1611-1643 / England)

No Platonic Love

Tell me no more of minds embracing minds,
And hearts exchang'd for hearts;
That spirits spirits meet, as winds do winds,
And mix their subt'lest parts;
That two unbodied essences may kiss,
And then like Angels, twist and feel one Bliss.

I was that silly thing that once was wrought
To practise this thin love;
I climb'd from sex to soul, from soul to thought;
But thinking there to move,
Headlong I rolled from thought to soul, and then
From soul I lighted at the sex again.

As some strict down-looked men pretend to fast,
Who yet in closets eat;
So lovers who profess they spririts taste,
Feed yet on grosser meat;
I know they boast they souls to souls convey,
Howe'r they meet, the body is the way.

Come, I will undeceive thee, they that tread
Those vain aerial ways
Are like young heirs and alchemists misled
To waste their wealth and days,
For searching thus to be for ever rich,
They only find a med'cine for the itch.

by William Cartwright

Comments (2)

A diseased case fo plate tectonics I have become. The gas of idiot wind, which enslaves notes to bargain. All is a catastrophists own selection to unprotected embryons own magestraights confessions. I and eye are a far side of a T-cell, and then the will be an emblem of a good thought for her beauty is her loving voice. While sarcastic idiots have injured many lives, a scarity in a word thah loses many lives.
A well articulated piece of poetry, insightfully penned with conviction. Beautiful poem on lust, seduction and vain glorification of beauty. I like the rhyme scheme of the piece. Thanks for sharing William. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.