No Privacy, No Trust

Privacy invaded
Life spread out on the floor like carpet
Plots planned to destroy my youth
Loyal to not one promise made

Lies and fear
Unknown lurks in the shadows
Questions of whether it's worth it
This life, this gasp of air, unworthy

Hide behind walls
Crawl upon dusty floors
Avoid spying eyes that whisper in the dark corners
Feeling the need to run

Am I safe?
Secretly they search and rummage through belongings
No space to call my own
No help to call out too

Alone in the deathly silence of the earth
Windows boarded
Sunlight banished from existence
No peace in this homely war

They think I can't here their complaints
The things they say, the untruthful secrets
I can't trust anyone
Not one soul, not even them…

by Marisa Eutsler

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