No Problem Said The Patroit

No problem said the patriot
Today we shall sing a new song
In pulpits men of God
Rants like parrots
Exorcising unseen demons
Using in vain the name of God
It is such shame
Church has gone astray
Pastors more like magicians
Go to Satan for powers
And they are holier than thou
The sick must be healed
Politicians must win
But blessings are not for free
Brother can you pay the fee?
But no problem said the patriot
It is now time we sing a new song
I have seen men in politics
Swimming in grimy pit
And they come beckoning to me
Extending dirty hands for a shake
And when I declined in disgust
They said man we are sorry
We shall go now and wash up
We bring to you salvation.
But no problem said the patriot
Tomorrow Africa shall sing a new song
Of slavery, suffering, bad leadership
Gone and bygone
Yes, no problem said the patriot.

by Benjamin Age

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