No Problems

Impulsively I had a yen to get off that train
and walk slowly there beside the track!
(I would have done it, too, but for the problems
of GETTING OFF a moving train, and GETTING BACK!)

Then suddenly the years dimmed out, and I was a child again,
skipping here and there, spending happy hours,
Walking with my sisters along that railroad track,
searching hard for treasures, picking bouquets of flowers.

The bright deep pink phlox, and fiery Indian paint brushes
let pink and vermilion clash in my quaint bouquet.
I picked a tall Mayapple, like a fairy's parasol,
to be clowned with, by Father, later in the day!

Then we three were going, like tightrope walkers, balancing
with our big bouquets, like dancers, on the track.
Slipping off the edges brought giggles from us all,
as we strove to right ourselves, and get our balance back!

The train sped on, but memories stayed; we sisters three
were wading, skirts held high, in a rippling "crick".
We sailed "leaf-boats" over a miniature waterfall,
and watched them smash to elemental bits!

by Edna May Hermann

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