Her hair is red
and brown,
Slanted over her forehead,
it makes a laugh
And I sing.
She does not listen her music,
Just sing along with me
and lets her red roses all
over the floor,
Slipping, scratching, sinking
Her hands into my hands,
We sing together a few smiles
and listen she plays the guitar

by Natasa Tocuc

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Nancy Ndeke Awesome verse dear Hasmukh Mehta. A true depiction of soo many of us that constantly are running after personal glory unmindful of so many that could do with a lifting hand. Blessings dear. 1 Manage Like · Reply · 30m
Welcome nancy ndeke 1 Manage
It might be on going process And we will have to face But dirt has spread to almost all We need cleansing for all human beings