No Reason To Smile

are you sad, my poem will help-

Sometimes somewhere when you feel so blue,
Someone somewhere is not as happy as you.
Somewhere far at a border when a soldier sleeps,
remembering the loved ones he silently weeps.
Somewhere a mother painfully sighs,
because her new born baby didn't open her eyes.
Somewhere a father painfully cries,
when he sees his son begging for a bowl of rice.
Somewhere in an orphanage a little girl is sad,
because she misses her mom and dad.
Somewhere in a snowy morning,
when the one who has lost his eyes wake up,
and feels the night so long,
tries to relax himself by his own inner song.
So at times when a reason to smile is not any,
Just say to yourself that you are happier then many,
because life is beautiful and it's not always blue,
and someone somewhere is not as happy as YOU.

by ronik braveheart

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Hey this is my poem Lier n I have a copyright. I would love to sue you bt want to give u a chance apologise n remove it from here.
Great job Ronik! I love this poem...
I really like this it made be be thankful