No Regrets

Poem By Jon Evans

There was a day where it was all wrong
you know when it felt real long
I want to die
coz things arent right between us,
in my mind
I built a bridge as high as I could
jumped of it coz I feel I should
no regrets left behind

I'm gonna die so ill say goodbye
do not cry i lived a lie
anyone else there coz i just cant bear
the thoughts in mind i just want to die

The next day we made it up
felt like things were better
but they were getting worse
I can not let go of what ive done
its the best for all of us
I dont know if its a curse
but ill have no regrets left behind

Im gonna die so I'll say goodbye
do not cry I lived a lie
anyone else there coz i just cant bear
the thoughts in mind I just want to die

I have no regrets

please dont cry

its not worth the hassle

leave me to die

its not your fault I brought it on myself

dont cry... I have no regrets...

Comments about No Regrets

eye promise not to poetically cry. see you.

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