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No Regrets.

Through the years
and all the tears
I find myself facing
my worst fears
where do we go from here?
It's hard to be strong,
hard to hold on,
hard to see forever through my tears.

We're killing us
over lust
just throwing it all away.
Who is the winner when we play this game?
Seems we both lose either way.
Good times got tough
and we got stuck in a rut
seems like it's time to say enough is enough.
Lord knows we've seen enough hard times,
to last us lifetime,
yet we just carry on like we're doing just fine.

We both know we're not
but we're all we've got
so we stay
and we pray
instead of just walking away.

So much at stake so much to lose
it's not just each other we're doing this to.
They put their trust in both of us
and we cheated on them too.
My God what did we do?
If only it weren't true.
But we created these circumstances
now we must deal with the consequences.

Lies and deceit have brought us where we are today
and they're what can save us I'm sad to say
since you don't know what I've done anyway.
I thought I'd feel better if I sought revenge but little did I know
Revenge is bitter pill that's been hard for me to swallow.
Now I'm stuck. Stuck in this rut and my God it's tough
but somehow it seems like I can't get enough.

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