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No Respite: : : : : From Groans And Cries..........
NK ( / )

No Respite: : : : : From Groans And Cries..........

Tryin hurdling my life
You wanna see me broken
My mind soul totally shrivells
No respite
my life in boundless evils.
My face once in eternal smiles
But world's envies there belies

I am lost, am broken
Lost in dark spectre
Its a one way to be vanquish
Life's in groans,
wizened eyes in anguish

People i used to trust
Its raw hatred in their hearts crust

Alike my family members
now they turn their eyes
They are smiling
Leaving me in cries

I have been target
Stone in their eyes

Life's been a flop squib
there's no spice
Am perfectly wizened
Once i used to fly

Feeling insecure,
My mind in fears
Am feeling lonely
But there's noone near

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'flob squib'? interesting.....