No Rush To Get Up And Leave

Fabulous and exquisite,
Stays a scent remembered as fresh.
Never to undo with the passing of time.

And embraced as if just yesterday,
Are those memories coming to linger...
Unannounced in a surprise visit.
One finds remaining to be unchanged.
But somehow enhanced the more as one ages.

Although delaying a reluctance,
To become overwhelmed by seduction.
Since one knows how much slower it is to lift,
What was done when younger...
In a process taken for granted and on demand.
Without a single thought given to it.

And this too,
Can be interpreted as fabulous and exquisite.
Depending on who has grown to appreciate,
The benefit of taking one's time to savor the experience.
With no rush to get up and leave.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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