DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

No Sacrifice

Love is a surprising land,
Hate is found esily by many
But love on by a few
It seems people need sacrifice
Sacrifice of life for love
Its a misunderstanding of the facts,
A loss of direction, a notion
And broken view

Theres no need for sacrifice,
Its a human right, when the moon shines
And things go wrong
Its a human sign to join as one
A swift wind comes calling and negativity bands
But we hold strong as its only passing through

Into the boundry of a land that devides us as one
Its a cold cold world, theres no neeed for sacrafice
As its too hard living in two worlds
Two hearts split from one
Come togther and stand firm
Fight for love and leave no stone unturned

Somethings look better
When seen in eyes of a loveing view
No sacrafice for love
Its a human sign
When love is harder to come by
But its a human sign
That our love can be so true

A true understand after the facts
We have a true direction
And no tears to damn us
No sacrafice
Love, peace and life

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