No Sadness From Love

There was no sadness,
In my life,
Until you came,
With your knife.

It tears through.
My very soul,
Rips through my heart,
And leaves a hole.

It makes me feel,
Life can’t go on,
It makes me feel,
All hope is gone.

And then you turn,
And smile at me,
And suddenly,
I feel so free.

That life is pleasure,
With you near,
Your absence is,
What causes tears.

Your love brings joy,
Your love brings pain,
Your love is real,
No, I can’t complain.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (1)

I have read the poem's title and my heart said that's not true.. she might wrote about different love.. from different planet maybe.... but once I have read the poem.. my heart smiled again and said that's the love we have experienced before.. this is the language we have spoken before.. this is the love that every body has known... I loved the poem as it started by a lot of pain and ended by lots of love and joy.. exactly like what love brings to us... wish you no sadness from love ;)