No Secret Nothings

If something happened, then, you know who it was, I guess, to love the Light
Hath cometh with a price, but it ain't really stranger
Than, major plans, erasers, satan plays, and take a stand
It hates the Savior, plainest nature, but He says to take His hand...

I guess that why I sought you out
The Light is sufficient
Sometimes, at night, I would cry, just talk to crickets
But it's real life... sealed tight, sister, all is secured, the Cross, the cost, bought it all
Some physic falls are assured, the call, exhorting the assignments
Described or prescribed, inclined, surely, the alignment, defined, for our minds
In time...
For, like a Christmas tree, is lit when connected, this, is we, contentment's king or queen, or dream
Any second, the Scripture breathes, and Light returns, may simple things see respect...

No secret nothings

by Dexsta Ray

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The Light is sufficient. Thanks for sharing.