Yellingly Swelling Trumpet (A Bartender's Good-Night, Part 14)

live here / in the space city of the Buddha head

a yellingly swelling trumpet engaged in salsa rhythms
in floodlights on its hill at the horizon

The fire sermon is heard over the loudspeaker of history

window towards the past door towards the future
white museum halls filled with sounds the memory

who wants to be forgotten to enable
a proceeding? further & further away
a stranger

here in the space head of the Buddha city

Mankind's history a playground for secret societies of thoughts

love couples are passing the enlightened (it takes years)

through rooms to grow in rooms to consider as warm homes

the thoughts are going by like years like lunations or earthly lives

live here / in the Buddha city of the space head

on the way through the major secret

by Mikael Ejdemyr

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House in fire And not a soul around Expected to put it down... nice theme. Really shame. Concise but meaningful and nice.