No Shame At All

No shame at all

Saturday, December 30,2017
10: 53 AM

Why blame Gandhiji!
We have only given na, e and respect
It is fact that Gandhiji had no pocket
Still he peformed wonderful noble act

Gamdhiji knew everything
He knew what was going on In congress
He wanted to disband congress party
But relented when most of people objected inparty

They wanted to use his name
And later on claim to walk on " Gandhian principles"
"Follow democratic norms im all the ways"
But in real " fill own coffer"and stay in power

Bapuji liked the song of Narsinh Mehta
"The noble person is that man"
"who shares the concern of poor man"
And shows no sign of arrogance

The poor and farmers remained starved
As it was observed later on
The poor got vanished
The farmers commited suicide and perished

Give false promises
The people have no choice
Fall inwith their line and raise voice
To protest and march for consideratin of little money

Let the poor die or farmer
They have only propaganda to offer
Give false promises and come to the power
This is how entire nation suffers

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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