No Shame To Claim

There is no shame to claim,
On hunched backs left burdened
And seen picking over tossed garbage to dine...
As snobs of all flavors drive by
Squinting eyes of disgust,
From behind smoked glass windows!

Bustling hustlers...
In spot check quick tours!
Sightseers observing blight between flight and fancy.
Elevating themselves to floors in skyscrapers...
Centrally aired and deodorized!
Marked by cubicles and paths of safe passages.

These scenes are not made by curbside dreamers.
Sipping steamed coffee...
Gazing at clouds to pass time and getting paid!

There is no shame to claim,
Nor middle ground to gain...
For those being swept away everyday,
Picking through rubbish used
As discovered jewels!

And some sing praises for 'more' prosperity?
From whom do they seek sanctions,
For these smuggled thoughts to munch?
And share at lunchtime!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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